We propose teambuilding, skating lessons and Masterclasses on ice to develop business skills and create new neural connections unconsciously through the body and physical exercises, rather than through mental learning.
Develop your business skills with ice skating champions
on your customised ice rink
We offer Exclusive Gala Shows , Birthday & Corporate Events for an unforgettable experience!
Our Olympic level coaches and ice skaters will make you skate like a professional and develop your analytical, strategical, collaboration, decision taking skills, creativity & intuition.
For each event get your customised ice-rink of any size. Perfect for rooftops, personal terraces, yachts, hotels, restaurants, parks and city squares.
Coordination and repetition of complex exercises and performances
Learning to interpret music on the ice rink
Establishing relationships with coach and teams, respecting rules, setting concrete goals for each training session
The know - how :
Analysis of information and risks on the ice to assume responsibility fellow other skaters
Calculating competition points during performance
  • Creation of new neural connections
  • Discipline
  • Analytical skills
  • Flexibility
  • Quick decision-making
  • Collaborative skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Time management skills
  • Intuition and empathy
Ice Skating
Business Skills
i-RINKS coaches and world champions will share the unique professional techniques, habits and interpersonal skills
Activities Offers
  • Boost your teams synergy and collaboration within group ice skating lessons on a private ice

  • These lessons are created in a manner to improve communication, foster trust, boost morale, and develop problem-solving skills among team members

  • Available for all levels
Team Building on Ice
  • Masterclasses from World an Olympic Champions

  • Fairytale Shows Performances and animations for children and adults

  • Gala & Cabaret shows on ice for adults

  • Fairytale shows for children and parents
Gala Shows & Masterclasses from Olympic and World Champions
  • Develop business skills and create new neural connections unconsciously through the body and physical exercises, rather than through mental learning

  • Start to skate smoothly at the end of the 1st private lesson

  • Learn basic technics and intermediate elements within 3 months

  • Participate in group trainings and fun competitions after mastering basic technics
Private & Group coaching

  • Corporate Events

  • Rent of ice rink per hour / day

  • Photo-shootings on ice rink

  • Birthday parties

  • Hockey & Curling games

  • Activities for adults on ice to have fun, meet new people and get to know each other

  • Animations & contests for children on ice
Corporate & Private events
  • One session = 60 min
  • One session = 60 min
Courses for beginners:
1 course - 8 lessons: mastering basic skating and simple elements.
2 Course - 8 lessons: Basic consolidation and intermediate elements.
3 Course - 8 lessons: mastering elements of the 2nd course and the preparation for spins

1 lesson = 45 min

For students with an advanced level of ice skating the program is made after the lst lesson and the preliminary agreement of personal targets.

*Group lessons are available to students who have mastered the basic skating.

Lessons for children from 5 to 6 years old are made with the game approach: a child imagines himself/herselt as the hero of the story and gets into the game, without noticing how he/she starts to glide on ice and do the new elements with easiness
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Ice Rink Offers
Implement our services to monetise your ice rink
Example: Dec - Jan- Feb

  • Delivery, construction and deconstruction of the ice rink
  • Rack for skates and X pairs of skates (depends on the size and visitors capacity of your ice rink)
  • Training for employees
  • 1 skating support for beginners
  • Skate sharpening machine Polishing kit
  • High performance hoover
  • Maintenance and cleaning products
  • Skate sharpening machine Polishing kit
  • Rubber floor 12x1.2m

  • Team-building courses
  • Entertainment for birthdays / corporate parties on ice
  • Group & Private Ice Skating lessons (adults / children 6+)
  • Gala Show and Masterclass with a World Star Athlete
  • Advertising on ice boards
  • PR & Advertising of your ice rink & company
  • Get a custom ice rink of any size for birthday parties, hockey match with friends, team-building events, and more.

  • Our architects will make a 2D & 3D plan of your ice rink depending on the surface.

  • We'll organise you a gala show, a masterclass, coaching or team-building session

  • Anytime & Anywhere on Any surface: Yacht, Rooftop, Conference Room, Villa terrace, Restaurant or even on the Beach!

  • Renting your ice rink area for companies or private clients proposing a coaching or entertainment session
  • Selling tickets for shows and masterclasses of famous athletes
  • Renting ice boards for advertisements of famous brands
Zero CO2 emissions, no water and energy needed
Site for sport, health and entertainment events
Partnerships with PR and Event Companies around the world
World Star athletes and international coaches
How it works
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Choose the activity
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Choose the most attractive aria for you and/or your visitors to come skate on the ice rink, watch the shows with world stars or to participate in masterclasses and team buildings
Enjoy your personal unique experience
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Contact us to calculate the size of your ice rink
Contact us to calculate the size of your personalized ice rink, numbers of visitors and commodities needed (banches, tables for coffee, tents with skate rentals).
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Choose your subscription
Decide if you want to purchase a short or long term subscription for your ice skating rink, or if you want to keep it forever.
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Choose your area
Choose your preferred activity for personal or corporate needs: Team Building on ice, Master Class from a World Champion, Gala Show or an Eventt on ice
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