My name is Iuliia Perminova.

I am a professional skating coach and a former student of Rafael Arutyunyan. My mission is to show that ice skating is for everyone, therefore I created a unique coaching methodology and ice skating academy to make you skate like a pro within a few lessons!
Years of international coaching experience
Ice Skating Diplomas of the highest qualification
Founder @ ISA - Academy with World Stars &
i-RINKS - Sustainable Ice Rinks with shows and masterclasses from World Champions
& RU
Private & group students from 3 to 70 years old, including children with special needs

Lessons on your private Ice Rink
Team - Building on Ice
  • Start to skate smoothly at the end of the 1st private lesson and get more confidence

  • Learn basic technics and intermediate elements within 3 months

  • Get rid of fears and blocks through skating lessons, after which you will attract desired events and circumstances in your life

  • Get a thin and toned body, tighten and rejuvenate the skin through ice exercises and personalised trainings on the ground
  • Boost your teams synergy and collaboration within group ice skating lessons on a private ice

  • These lessons are created in a manner to improve communication, foster trust, boost morale, and develop problem-solving skills among team members

  • Available for all levels
Why book private lessons on your own ice rink ?

- No crowd = 100% safety
- Personalised training program
- A lot of space to learn interesting exercises for Beginners
- Quality ice easy to skate on
- No one will be watching you
- You learn faster because people don’t disturb you
- Incredible view of the mountains and the city
- Photos & videos of you skating like a PRO at the end of the 1st lesson (to share with your nearest and dearest)
  • 10 People max per session
  • One session = 60 min
  • Ice Rink rent included
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  • Are you a cinema or advertisement agency and looking for ice skaters? Do you need to teach actors how to skate within a few hours? This offer is for you.
For agencies and commercials
Ice Skating Camps

  • 24-25-26 July, 2024
  • 2:45PM - 6PM every day
  • La Garde, France
(99 Av. de la 1ère Division Française libre, 83130 La Garde)
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i - Skating Online Academy
Video lessons from World champions:
  • The platform is developed by qualified figure skating experts, psychologists and world-class methodologists
Anna Ovcharova - Swiss Figure Skating Champion, Producer, Screenwriter
Emma Gadzhieva - World Championship figure skater & TV Host
Alexandra Ievleva - Russian Championship Winner, founder of Ice Skating School in UAE
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